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  • January - February / 2022
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The app features numerous negative reviews of users, related to the elementary that is it. This represents a missed opportunity by the company to achieve an increase in ticket reservations. A redesign aimed at maximizing the user experience, focused on the interests of users, which motivates its use and achieves greater loyalty.

Current scenario

The current market is becoming more and more complex and added that’s why the needs are evolving. Therefore, we mustn’t offer a generic service, it is necessary that Buses Lep gets updated.

Our research

The research was conducted through in-depth interviews semi-structured to 5 users who like to travel, frequently use check the Buses Lep application and applications from other companies.

What find we got?

Respondents were relieved in order to configure the profile of our user type became User person to be able to put in context the use of our app. Through this profile, different mappings were carried out to understand which elements and functionalities of the platform need to be improved.

Research methods

Customer interviews

Prototype testing


Market research analysis

Information Architecture


A place where talent and dedication can be made explicit.

Account creation

Designing a flexible set of steps that can capture the amount of data the user feels comfortable submitting—prioritising name, email and password fields—while leaving the door ajar for a customer to skip at any time.


A presentation app, a experience.


A place where talent and dedication can be made explicit.

Trips browse

Trips and experinces discovery was an essential part of a users initial and ongoing app experience.

Product reserve

Without a traditional trips purchase flow — a tickets reserve feature became an important app function for customers to action a tickets they could then use.


Tickets at your fingertips. Fast and safe.

A tinder of trips 🙂

An interface is available that successively displays different recommended trips according to the user’s interests.

The user slides his finger across the screen to the right to indicate interest in that trip and to the left if he is not interested.

Let’s have an adventure

Buses LEP
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Gracias Mariano y equipo de Ambroggio Arquitectos por dejarme ser parte de su proyecto y hacer el proceso tan cómodo.


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